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  • Container repair space:
We have repair places more than 30000 square meters, specialized repair workshops of 6000 square meters (including reefer container foaming workshop and polishing & sandblasting workshop) and materials warehouse of 800 square meters
  • Equipment and material for repairing container
There are sand blasting, paint removing, rust removing & painting workshop and equipment, in the maintenance & repair workshop and area, there outfitted with various electric welding machines, cutting machines, electric tools, adjustment column and special purpose tools. Moreover, there are also rivet welding platform with high flatness for location and maintenance & repair of exceptionally damaged and deformed containers.
  • Professional container repair team:
We have around hundred container inspectors (a quarter among them have international container inspector certificate) and sufficient and professional container repair team to provide 24-hour all-weather service for you, and our daily container repairing capacity can be up to over 1,000 units.
  • Container washing equipment:
(1) Pumping station: The system is equipped with centralized water supply pumping station with max working pressure of 200kg/cm2 and flow rate of 180L/M, and double pressure sources, which can satisfy 6 positions working at the same time, even if single pump has fault, the container cleaning work will not be influenced, it can supply hot water of 100℃ above and normal temperature water into which cleaner may also be added for special cleaning, the pressure can be adjusted according to necessity, the whole pumping station dispenses with operator for monitoring and supervision and can operate continuously.
(2) Points of pressure source network: The piping from pumping station to the whole container cleaning area all is underground, each pressure point disseminate in each point, which can be operated conveniently, safely and quickly and the pressure may be controlled freely at any moment and any place at each point.
(3) Special cleaning head: For improving efficiency and cleaning effects, it may use 3-D cleaning head for container not polluted seriously to conduct self-service timed spherical surface cleaning.
(4) Special treatment of oil stains:Use high pressure, hot water and cleaner in addition to clean, controlled by single person and single gun.
(5)Drying function: Provide drying with auxiliary heating, moisture absorber and compulsory air drying equipment for containers with high speed and quality requirement.
  • Sewage Disposal System:
Advanced sewage disposal system can recycle waste water produced in washing container.
(1) Separation tank: apply the theory of different density to filtering the oil film on upper layer.
(2) Mechanical griller: use the plow harrow to salvage suspended matters which diameter is over 1mm.
(3) Stagnant pool: collect waste water produced in washing container.
(4) Aeration tank: hard-core of sewage disposal.
(5) Sand filtering tank: water after aeration will be filtered here.
(6) Chlorine dioxide generator: a device for hydrochloric acid reacting to sodium hypochlorite, the chlorine dioxide generated hereby can dissolve in water and will meet the clean water at sand filtering discharge outlet, thereby realizing sterilization.
(7) Clear water basin: the clean water discharged from sand filtering tank will experiences the chlorine dioxide sterilization at discharge outlet and then gathers in clean water basin, where necessary, to be discharged into water tank of container washing workshop by water pump, thereby realizing recycle.

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