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  Zhenhua possesses warehouse of 18000 square meters and outdoor storage yard of 32000 square meters in the Free Trade Zone and bonded logistics park. Our self-elevation loading/unloading platform can meet the loading/unloading needs of various trucks. We are equipped with advanced and complete equipment, and some indoor warehouses are equipped with high shelves. We can deploy reasonable machineries and labors according to the requirements of the cargo to guarantee the efficiency of the operation and the safety of the cargo effectively.
Advanced information technology and complete operation system provides effective support to the bonded logistics. All-weather monitoring system guarantees the safety of the cargo and customs real-time monitoring to the cargo; comprehensive information of the operation system realizes data sharing, automatic data acquisition and EDI that accelerate the speed of operation and guarantee the correctness and consistency of the data.
Policies: Sea transportation import L/G (Letter of Guarantee) directly delivered to the Free Trade Zone, centralized declaration for the cargoes leaving the Free Trade Zone in several batches, releasing the imported cargoes with small-sum guarantee (pay duty later), quarantine designated packaging & inspection warehouse, customs examination & inspection warehouse.
People-oriented management concept, and the service concept of taking customers as our centre. The perfect combination of personnel, facilities and system guarantees the quality of Zhenhua.

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