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Container management system with perfect function enables us to apply intelligent management to storage yard.
  The container management system researched and developed by ourselves has a ten years history by now, and is still in ceaseless update. In 2005, our system was updated to the graphic management mode, and the computer touch screen was applied to hoisting equipment, in/out storage yard data would be transmitted in a wireless way, providing our customer with more simple and swift service thereby.
  It is capable of real-time tracing the latest state of container and precisely gaining related information, including date of in and out storage yard, ship owner, current state and source. Meanwhile, it can provide daily report format and EDI information transfer according to the requirements of shipping companies and standards of ISA (such as CODECO), and also automatically transfer EDI data to the interface of ship owner in specified time; our container repairing data has also realized communication and interface with shipping companies on internet. For example: our system can send the EDI information report to ship owner once every 4 hours, and we have the assigned person to be in charge of the evaluation and type-in operation on internet for damaged containers and waiting for the written rely from ship owner.
  Relying on the modern information technology, the storage yard can provide efficient control, such as “first-in, first-out”, “advance input of special container No.”, “designating container stacking rules at destination port’, “container quit & lease”, “separate stacking of food containers and loaded containers”, “auto identification of EIR bar code”, to meet the increasingly complex and changeable requirements for container managerial operation from the ship owner.
  We update our system to graphic picture which can simulate the field condition of container storage, namely 3D graphic display, through system we can visually see over the emplacing condition of container in storage yard without appointing someone for site viewing, so that shipping companies may learn the storage yard information more directly, efficiently and exactly; it also makes work become more interesting, thereby realizing a humanization management.
Main technical characteristics of system:
  • Adopting advanced wireless network technology and wireless touch screen vehicle-mounted computer technology to integrate the wired system and wireless system, thereby realizing graphic and real-time management of container operation.

  • Replacing manual inputting method with check bridge automatic identification system to avoid error of in-storage yard data, thus improves working efficiency and quality, guarantee the improvement on overall efficiency of the whole flow, and data will be saved for a long period for future inspection and verification.

  • All the operations are performed and controlled according to plan, which normalizes operation flow and improves working efficiency and accuracy of operation.

  • For the containers bear special requirements from shipping company (including named port of destination, specified unit No. and legal inspection, etc. requirements), the system will screen out the containers in storage yard that can meet the requirement so as to guarantee container bearing special requirement from shipping company can be controlled strictly and used as per requirements.

  • Field operation system will designate the position for the earlier coming container automatically according to the “First-in, first-out” principle, and meanwhile, select containers to leave storage yard according to special purpose unit specification inputted beforehand. And container management system can mark the over-period container according to the days required by shipping company, the operator will specify unit No., assign task and guarantee “First-in, first-out”.

  • The operation mode of entry registration and exit confirmation normalizes the management of vehicles in and out storage yard thereby.

  • Sufficient system statistic and data analysis (such as average operating time of single unit), perfect repairing management system for reefer container and EDI automatic transmission system designed as per requirement from ship owner bring more pertinent service for you.

  • Providing reliable foundation for cost accounting and personnel assessment

  • Managing data and supporting on-line inquiry.

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