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  • Advantageous location:
Abuts on wharf and has convenient transportation condition
  • Area and stacking capacity of storage yards:
Storage yards in Tianjin: area of 703000 square meters with stacking capacity of over 80000 TEU.
Storage yards in Qingdao: area of 225000 square meters with stacking capacity of over 32000 TEU.
Storage yards in Shanghai: area of 230000 square meters with stacking capacity of over 32000 TEU.
  • Infrastructure of storage yard:
Various advanced supporting facilities used at present include: in/out checking bridge, auto identification system of container no., wireless terminal of crane equipment carried computer, specialized container maintenance/cleaning space, container maintenance tent, reefer foaming workshop, polishing & sand blasting workshop, share parts warehouse of dry container and reefer materials and waste water treatment system, etc.;
  • Hoisting equipment
All the stackers and front handling mobile cranes are equipped with wireless terminal and talk back equipment. By these means, intelligent management of the whole storage yard and dynamic real-time remote inquiry of each container can be displayed in graphical mode. And all the data will be collected and transmitted through the wireless termination mounted on hoisting equipment.
  • Transportation:
Possess more than 350 self-owned large container trucks
  • Agreement Shipping Corporation
We have empty and heavy container handling capacity over 2,000,000 TEU each year and more than 30 agreement shipping corporations include: AAL, APL, CK LINE, CLAN S.A., CMA, CSAV, DOLPHIN, DONGJIN, DONGNAMA, DONGYOUNG, EMIRATES, HUMBURG SUD, HYUNDAI, JINSHEN, “K”LINE, KMTC, MAERSK, MOL, MSC, NAMSUNG, NYK, OOCL, PAN CON, PAN OCEAN, PK, TAI YOUNG, TASMAN, UNICO, WOOJIN, XYA and ZHT, etc.

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