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  The flexibility of the supplier’s supplying plan, the shorter and shorter service life of new products and the unceasing change of new market and the distribution of enterprise will lower the efficiency of the enterprise’s existing logistics network.
This complexity needs the professional logistics talents to solve. Zhenhua’s experts will provide optimized solutions to the existing logistics process and systems & regulations of your company. They will evaluate the enterprise’s logistics costs and service quality by the advanced analysis and process tools to optimize the solution.
The consultation & planning services we can provide includes:

  1. Solution of global sea transportation, air transportation and sea-rail transportation
  2. Solution of parts & components distribution
  3. Solution of warehouse storage
  4. Solution of products transportation
  5. Solution of special cargoes transportation

For more information about Zhenhua’s logistics consultation and planning service,please contact:

TEL: 022-25762168 66272168 FAX: 022-25762268 E-mail: zhh@zh-logistics.com
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