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International Trade: Sale in domestic market or transit after the sea transportation imported cargoes enter the Free Trade Zone, re-import or export of the domestic cargoes for export
Simple Processing:After the cargoes enter the Free Trade Zone, through scanning, sorting and repackaging to bale, deliver and perform logistics distribution according to customer’s order.
Logistics Distribution: Facing China and the Asia-Pacific region, we have built the distribution centre to provide the customer with exhibition, marketing and supply one-s service that can effectively lower the costs and supply time.
Factory Logistics:Aiming at the enterprises in the Free Trade Zone and relative enterprises, we can perform production materials and finished products warehousing management, customs declaration & clearance services and quarantine & inspection services, domestic distribution, handbook application and verification, etc. comprehensive materials services that can effectively solve the enterprise’s problems of high logistics costs, disorder of raw materials and parts management, behind-time supply and no acquaintance with the policies and regulations.
Logistics Park One-day Tour Business: We can directly lower the logistics costs of the enterprises in the Logistics Park, improve the logistics speed and shorten the transaction time of the products. Instead of “one-day tour to other countries”, the enterprises in the Logistics Park can get their export rebates in advance.

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